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Hourly Rates for Painters

The cost of a house painter in New Zealand can vary a great deal as is with their skill levels as there is no regulatory board to control the standards. As a result, there are many sub standard painters that do not have the necessary skills to do the job well.

It is important to note that when selecting a painter, the cost is not the main factor. Make sure that the painter or decorator can be trusted, have the necessary experience and is thorough.

Painters average hourly charges:

  • In Auckland the average hourly rate is $45 per hour
  • In Wellington the average hourly rate is $42 per hour
  • In Christchurch the average hourly rate is $50 per hour
  • In Dunedin the average hourly rate is $45 per hour

These rates are inclusive of GST

NOTE: These hourly charges are broad estimates only. The type of surface (e.g. timber, plasterboard or metal), type of paint (e.g. acrylic or gloss) as well as difficulty of area (e.g.walls, ceilings or window frames) have a large bearing on the cost to do a painting job. 


For more accurate estimates base on the above factors please refer to the resources on house painting or staining estimatesestimates on surface preparation or estimates on painting metal roofs.

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